The high quality direct mail programme that helps Lib Dems win.

You can buy in to the G8 mailing programme whether you have been successful in securing a funding award or not.

G8 is a funding programme whose goal is to maximise the party’s electoral impact in local elections. It has made awards to those seats it feels match it’s criteria. Funding is limited, so there are seats that could benefit from the funding who will not receive it. So we open out the programme to wards that wish to participate.

It costs £12 plus 80p per letter. This includes print, postage and VAT.

What do you get

Your mailing will be consist of a DL window envelope, 90gsm white, containing:

  • A4 colour letter, single sided and mail merged, on 100gsm uncoated paper
  • A4 colour insert, double sided, on 130gsm gloss paper


If you are awarded G8 funding the insert is usually specified to be squeeze content, there is also a Candidate CV template option. Here are the templates:

Both the Squeeze and CV templates are available here on Artworker     

Squeeze templateAffinity File Insert   PDF Insert    Affinity Letter – Con facing – Lab facing     PDF Letter – Con facing – Lab facing

CV template – Affinity File – InsertLetter  PDF – InsertLetter 

If you buy in, then insert can be anything that is an A4 double sided insert, such as:

  • Squeeze
  • Record of Action
  • CV mailing
  • Survey

G8  Frequently Asked Questions

  • The G8 award programme is for a posted piece of direct mail to the ward. 
  • The direct mail is a squeeze mailing which will go to the same group of people twice.
  • You need use the templates available; they are designed to ensure the right information is in the right place, for example the address 
  • Your total award is split between two G8 mailings 
  • Use Artworker to produce the letter at artworker.aldc.org and select G8 templates 

What is included in my award? 

The letter is single sided with a double-sided insert stuffed in a window envelope. 

Why have I got a voucher code? 

When you order your letters through Artworker, it will ask you to pay. Applying the voucher code is how you receive your award. You can only use the voucher once and you do not get credit if you do not use the full award. You can of course buy letters in addition to your award at the same discounted price of 80p. 

You will get a code for G8-2 after the deadline for G8-1 has passed. 

What are the deadlines for G8 -1 and G8-2? 

The deadlines are: 

  • G8 -1   5pm on Monday 23 January 2023 
  • G8 -2   5pm on Monday 12 February 2023 

By these dates the artwork must be uploaded onto Artworker and the data must have been sent to Election Workshop. 

Where are the templates? 

You can find all of the G8 templates at ALDC Artworker.

Squeeze templateAffinity File Insert   PDF Insert    Affinity Letter – Con facing – Lab facing     PDF Letter – Con facing – Lab facing

CV template – Affinity File – InsertLetter  PDF – InsertLetter 

How do I get my data to Election Workshop? 

You must get your data from Connect and download it into an Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet must then be encrypted with a password. The spreadsheet is then emailed to Election Workshop enquiries@electionworkshop.co.uk and the password sent via text to 07852 557530. 

It is assumed your data is the same for G8-2 unless you send new data to Election Workshop by the G8-2 deadline. 

A more detailed description of how to present data is here. 

I want to send more letters that the award amount and/or to a ward that I haven’t received a grant for. 

That’s brilliant! Direct mail is one of the best campaigning tools so doing more will help your campaign. When you do your order, you apply the voucher code when you pay. This deducts the amount of the award from the cost. If you want to do additional wards, you will have to pay £12 for the new version and then the 80p per letter, buy in here.

Do I have to use ALDC Artworker to complete the artwork? 

No. You can upload your own artwork to ALDC artworker instead.

Order the number of letters you are sending and advance it through the checkout process, using the voucher code you’ve been emailed to pay for the letters your grant covers and then a card should you wish to order any additional.
Once the order has completed you will be taken to a confirmation page where you can upload the PDFs of your artwork.

Using ALDC Artworker to create the design is free and quick. Election Workshop are running webinars on Thursday 19 January at 6:30pm and Thursday 9 February at 6:30pm to show you how. Register here. 

Can I get help with doing the artwork and getting the data? 

Yes, you can. Election Workshop can artwork the letter and insert for you if you provide the content to them directly. Artwork support costs £45 +VAT and you should email content to enquiries@electionworkshop.co.uk. 

Please contact your local ALDC Development Officer, LDHQ Campaign Manager or Regional Development Officer if you need help with your data. They may also be able to help with your artwork. 

If you indicated on your application that you needed support with artwork and / or data, this information has been shared with Election Workshop and your local ALDC Development Officer, LDHQ Campaign Manager and Regional Development Officer. 

What happens if I miss the deadline? 

If you miss the deadline for G8-1 the full award will be redistributed and you will not receive the award for G8-2. If you met the deadline for G8-1, but missed the deadline for G8-2, only the G8-2 award will be redistributed. 

Key Contacts 

ALDC Office number:  0161 302 7532 

ALDC Email:  info@aldc.org 

Election Workshop number: 0161 272 6216 

Election Workshop email: enquiries@electionworkshop.co.uk