Data Upload

How to upload your data

If you have ordered a mailing or mail merged product then you will need to send us the data for us to do the mail merge.

GPDR compliance

We care about people’s data, and it is important that you and we take every possible care with it. It is also the law, and breaches need to be reported to the Information Commissioner.

Our process is intended to provide a secure and simple way to send your data to us. We use two communication methods to make it more secure.

How to send your data

  1. Prepare your data file
  2. Encrypt the file
  3. Send your data file to us
  4. TEXT 07958 55 75 30   –    with your name, ward/constituency, mailing project (e.g. G8) and your password

1.  Preparing your data file

Your data may be for hand delivery or posting through Royal Mail.

If your data is for posting through ONEPOST, Royal Mail or a similar service then there are standards the data needs to meet in order 

2.  Encrypting your data file

Your data should be sent to us in an Excel file which has been passworded. This will ensure your data is encrypted.

Note: You cannot encrypt .csv .txt .tsv or similar files using Excel. So it should be an Excel type file.

Click here to see the alternative ways to encrypt your data.

3.  Send your data file to us

Ideally you would email your encrypted Excel spreadsheet to us at

Often the data is sent by a different person to who placed the order. Please make sure we have as many references to link the data to the order. So include the constituency/ward and the mailing type, such as ‘G8’. The person receiving the email will not have access to the data, so do not rely on them being able to open it in order for them to route the email to the right person.

It is helpful to include the following in the email where applicable:

  •  The number of records
  •  3S Mailing  –  be clear which letter code matches which PDF or letter text
  •  If the spreadsheet has tabs – which ones are relevant
  •  If the mailing is hand delivery – which columns you want added to the address block. For example ‘PD/Walk code/Walk name’

Click here to see the alternative ways to send your data to us.

4.  TEXT us

Once you have sent us your date you need to tell us the password. We have a specific phone number (which is not any of our phone numbers) for you to text. This means that only the staff member dealing with your data knows the password.

TEXT 07958 55 75 30

Your text should include your name, your ward/constituency, your mailing project (e.g. G8) and your password.

Please do not send passwords by email or WhatsApp, and please be sure to send the password to the right phone number.

We’re here to help

If you need help with any of the above please feel free to email us at or give us a call on 0161 272 6216.  If we cannot answer please leave a short message and we will get back to you – we often receive a very high number of calls around bulk deadlines.


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Updated by CG 19/12/2022