Blue Ink letters

End your campaign with an attention grabbing personal letter. Blue letters and cream letters look different, personal and grab voter’s attention even after they’ve has several political leaflets. Save on your cream envelopes and blue envelopes with out Bulk Buy deal. 
Blue and Cream envelope bulk buy 2023
The bulk buy has now closed, but we have still have plenty of stock at the following prices:
Per box of a thousand £17.95 +VAT = £21.54
(Special pallet price of £16.50 +VAT per thousand for orders over fifty boxes of mixed colours with free delivery, contact us directly to order or 0161 72 6216)
We also stock 
C6 white envelopes.  Per box of a thousand £14.99 +VAT = £17.99.
Matching cream paper or blue paper £8.30 +VAT = £9.96 per A4 ream of 500 sheets. We will send 1 per box of 1000 envelopes, this is enough for 1000 A5 letters. 
Boxes of 50 blue pens (for addressing either cream or blue letters)  £7.99 +VAT = £9.59
Delivery is a one off £10 + VAT = £12
Buy now by clicking the pictures below:

It’s important to start early

It’s time to start sorting out your blue and cream envelopes and writing your letters.

What are ‘blue ink letters’?

Duplicated hand-written letters in blue ink which are put in hand addressed envelopes and then delivered by hand just before election day.

Designed to be delivered towards the end of a campaign, they are very deliberately different to most usual political communications. They really cut through and grab your attention.

Why blue and cream?

The envelopes and paper are of the style of personal stationery packs which tend to be blue or cream. To maintain that ethos you should avoid elements that make the letters appear automated such as using a handwriting font.

Usually, and in party jargon, ‘cream letters’ are delivered to Postal Voters and ‘blue letters’ to polling day voters. It means they look different to the households receiving them, and it helps us to not get them mixed up!

What is there to do?

Your most pressing task will be getting many thousands of envelopes hand addressed by volunteers if you haven’t yet started. The LDHQ guide below will help you. Remember to use a blue pen!



What size are the envelopes?
The envelopes are C6 size. They are designed to take A5 letters folded in half to A6.
C6 envelopes are designed to contain A6 items. C6 is 162mm wide and 114mm high. An A5 folded in half to A6 is 148mm wide and 105mm high and so fits easily.

Where do I get matching paper?
Matching paper is part of the bulk buy.  You need one ream of 500 A4 sheets to create a thousand A5 letters to go into one box of envelopes.

How do I duplicate the letters?
Many local parties have ‘Riso’ duplicator machines with a blue drum which do a brilliant job. If your local party doesn’t have access to one we can print these for you. The price is £20 per thousand (minimum £20) per edition, plus delivery. Email us at for more information.

How long should the letter be?
No more than 2 sides! The message in this final letter of your campaign should be snappy and to the point. Fitting it into two sides of A5 is a good way to make sure your message gets through.